20 year old from Sydney Australia.
Studying a double degree in Social Science & Law.
Instagram @ashleigh.eleanor
Spiritualist, lover of nature, passionate soul.

Through out my very short time on this earth I've discovered that the person
I am consistently changes, I am forever chasing a better version of myself.
Hopefully one day it'll all be worth it. My experiences have brought strength,
my mistakes have taught me lessons and my happiness gives me hope. I'll
never please everyone, but thats okay with me. People will watch hoping I
fail, fall, give up, lose sight and if you're one of those people I gaurentee you
never cross my mind. There are three people in my life that I can't comprehend
a world without. I have a home on the beach, where love, friends, life
and the best of memories will forever be embedded in the walls. Each morning
we wake to the sound of the ocean, theres a little window that we perch on in
the afternoons to watch the sun be swallowed by the ocean. Every night I goto
sleep in the arms of someone who loves me with the fullness of their heart.
I am in progress of chasing my dream of having a law degree, two years ago
this was something I saw as impossible. I am a strong believer that you are
in control of your life, if you want something chase it with your entire soul, dont
do things half hearted and embrace the failure along the way. So young, yet
I have already experienced things in my life that people will never encounter.